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Our Programs



Corner To Corner is passionate about stories. Each week it’s our privilege to help spark a love of reading in kids (grades K-8) at the McFerrin Park Rec Center. Early Literacy Development is a key factor in dropout prevention. Studies have shown that trends in high school dropout rates indicate a high prison risk. Our reading program is one way that we hope to have an impact on the school to prison pipeline.


We also hope to inspire and develop leadership, creativity, and confidence in the local youth. On Thursdays, we encourage kitchen independence in 1st-8th grade kids at the McFerrin Park Rec Center. Learning how to follow recipes and bake delicious treats together also encourages a sweet sense of community.


 Economic Development

Job Readiness Program

Almost ⅓ of our community has a past felony charge that directly affects their hireability. Drawing on her years of experience as an Offender Workforce Development Specialist, Tiffany Acuff developed a curriculum to help unemployed neighbors become strong job candidates. We focus on learning to identify and communicate the Job Seeker’s skills and abilities while directly addressing any past felonies in a redemptive model.

Business Entrepreneurship Academy

This proven 10-week program equips community members with the skills they need to plan, start, and grow their own small business. Nashvillians have the passion, creativity and hustle. Our all-encompassing Academy provides a clear ‘on-ramp’ into the mainstream economy. Corner To Corner is excited to be a bridge in the partnership of new and established local leaders in business. We believe that when we invest in our own, we all profit.  To Learn More or Register for our next available Academy Click Here.


Bible Study

Bible Study 

Corner to Corner Bible Studies are a welcoming place to come and learn about Jesus. They are one part Bible Study and one part community of support. Our 8 week curriculum explores the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, and then focuses in on the person and work of Jesus. We never assume that everyone is coming from the same place, so we aim to meet you where you are, knowing that Jesus will too.